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      Product Service



              聯系人:申大勇 (銷售經理) 

              地址: 40213.Graf-Adolf-Platz 15 .Duesseldorf .Germany

              電話: +49 21138548710

              傳真: +49 21138548716

              電子郵箱: dayong.shen@ansteel.de

              Ansteel Europe GmbH is a main foreign trade window and international trade business platform of Ansteel in European, Mediterranean and Black Sea Region. The main business cover steel products and raw material exporting; import and export of electromechanical products; export of non-steel products; social trade, sales of products cover more than twenty countries and regions, with more than sixty domestic and foreign customers and partners. Company brand, product quality and after-sales service enjoy a high visibility and reputation in the European markets.
      We stick to the principle of building Win-Win relationship with our customers, which Ansteel viewed as the foundation of all business, serve our customers with our high quality products, our full heart services and our professional knowledge and technology.

              Contact information is as follows:
      Organisational unit : Ansteel Europe GmbH
              Contact person: Dayong Shen (Sales Manager) 
              Add: 40213.Graf-Adolf-Platz 15 .Duesseldorf .Germany
              Tle : +49 21138548710
              Fax : +49 21138548716
              E-Mail : dayong.shen@ansteel.de