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      Product Service


              鞍鋼澳大利亞公司是鞍鋼集團公司在澳大利亞全資子公司。業務范圍涵蓋鋼鐵產品、機電產品、礦山設備零件、鐵礦煤炭貿易和工程建設。鞍鋼集團公司是中國最大的鋼鐵生產企業之一。鞍鋼主要有熱軋板、冷軋板、鍍鋅板、彩涂板,冷軋硅鋼、重軌、無縫鋼管、型材、建材、不銹鋼等完整的鋼鐵系列產品,廣泛應用于鐵路、建筑、汽車、機械、造船、家電、集裝箱、石油石化、航空航天等數十個行業,產品銷售覆蓋全球近70多個國家和地區。作為中國重要的鋼鐵企業和鐵礦煤炭貿易商,我們在中國市場擁有重要影響力。業務網絡覆蓋全球和中國,年貿易額在中國市場名列前茅。除此之外,鞍鋼集團還具有優秀的工程能力。例如鞍鋼建設公司(Angang construction group)已為澳大利亞各類大型工程提供大型鋼結構工程服務。鞍鋼澳大利亞公司服務澳大利亞10余年,一直致力于和本土廠商合作,將自己的產品和技術提供給澳大利亞客戶,同時,把優秀的澳大利亞產品銷售到中國市場。十分期待能與您能攜手合作。
             地址:Level11, 28TheEsplanade Perth WA 6000
             Ansteel Australia Pty Ltd is the wholly owned subsidiary of Angang Group in Australia. Our businesses include Steel Products, Mechanical and electrical products, Equipment & Spare parts of Mining, Iron Ore and Coal businesses and Engineering works.  Angang Group is one of the largest steel producers in China, Main products includes Hot rolled steel, Cold rolled steel, Galvanized steel, Color coated steel, Cold rolled silicon steel, Heavy rail, Seamless steel tube, Steel bars, building materials and Stainless steel. These complete steel series of products are widely used on rail, building constructions, automobile industry, machinery, Shipping building industry, containers, home appliances, petrochemical, aviation. Our products are used in nearly 70 countries around the world.  As animportant steel producer and Iron Ore & Coal trader, we has strong influence in Chinese market. Our business covers globally and annual trade turnover are among the largest in Chinese market. In addition to the above, Ansteel Group also have strong engineering capabilities. For example, Ansteel Construction Group has already provided the steel structure for some Australia’s large construction projects. Ansteel Australia Pty Ltd has served Australian communities for more than 10 years, and has been committed to work with Australian local businesses. Ansteel Australia always prepares to supply our best products and technology to Australia, at the same time, introduces Australian products back to Chinese market. We are looking forward to cooperate with you.
             Contacts :Mr. Yujie Shan, Mr. Feng Zhou
             Add:Level11, 28TheEsplanade Perth WA 6000